ー Adventure to carry on ancient wisdom ー

Tule reeds ship made more than 5,000 years ago.

We will make an expedition by Reeds Boat.

We, Expedition Amana, will make an expedition from west coast to Hawaiian Islands.

Distance will be 2,500 nautical mile(4,000km).

You will be able to see circulation ecosystem and sustainable life-style through this expedition.

There will be many ‘keys’ that we, nature and human beings, will be able to coexist.



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Project Overview

February 2020, 

Create half size of boat and do test voyage in San Francisco bay.

Test Reed boat will be half size of "Amana" (Around 30 feet).

We would like to confirm following things through the test boat.

1.  Mast position

2.  The size and shape of sail

3.  The size and shape of rudder

4.  Sailing ability this new design

After 2021,

Start on a voyage from San Francisco to Hawaii islands.

Based on results of test boat, we will make new " Amana" (around 60 feet).

7 crews will be on board and leave San Francisco bay. We will do circulation ecosystem during sail and go to Hawaii islands which is 2,500 nautical mile(4,000km). from San Francisco bay.


Reed Boat made more than 5,000 years ago.

Reed Boat had been used for many purposes such as transportation and delivery.

It was used on lake, river, and sea and appeared in ancient civilization like Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Europe, Asia and all over the American continental.

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Jin Ishikawa

Representative Director of “EXPEDITION AMANA”.
Representative Director of “ONE OCAEN”.

1987-1989:  Backpack journey in North America,Europa, India, East Asia, Australia, and East Africa.

1990-1991:  Crossed Sahara desert alone with a camel. 1700mi(2700km). 6 months.

1992:  Lived in Point Barrow, far north town in Alaska, with the Iñupiat. Participated in the building of umiaq (A boat made of seal skin) .


1994:  Journeyed by dugout canoe alone for 2 months, 500mi(800km), through the Orinoco river, in the Colombian jungle. 

Worked as a tourist guide in Machu Picchu for 2 years.

1995:  Traveled around Lake Titicaca by Reed Boat for 4 months.

Joined UN official project “Expedition Mata Rangi”as a crow.Organized by his master Kitin Muñoz

1996:  Built Mata RangiⅠ (first Reed Boat) in Rapanui Island (Easter island).

1998-1999:  Built Mata RangiⅡ (second Reed Boat) in Alica, Chile. Voyaged to Marquesas Islands for 88 days, 5000mi(8000 km).

2000-2002:  Built Mata Rangi Ⅲ(third Reed Boat) in Barcelona. Voyaged to Cape Verde Islands for 60 days, 2700mi(4300 km).

2002:  Founded “Kamuna Project”. Started “Reed Boat school”.

2005:  He hosted the first Reed Boat voyage Kamuna project in Japan.Built a Reed Boat “Kamuna”.

Traveled from Kouchi prefecture to the Izu islands in Japan for 13 days, 630mi(1000 km) as a captain of Reed Boat.

2012-2013:  Journeyed around Japan by his 30ft yacht "Amana".

2013:  Held “Reed Boat school” in Korea. It was the first reed boat school in a foreign country.

2014:  Founded an association “ONE OCEAN” as Representative Director

2018:  Founded an association “EXPEDITION AMANA”as Representative Director
Jin Ishikawa has built 290 reed boats and experienced more than 9400mi(15000 km) Reed Boat navigation. Currently, he is planning to explore anew, traveling from the west coast of the US to Hawaii by Reed Boat.

Jin Ishikawa's website ⇨ http://www.jinishikawa.com/english

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Depart from San Francisco Bay to Hawaiian Islands!
 Donation / Volunteer recruitment

 EXPEDITION AMANA is looking for donations and volunteer staff.

If you would like to join as a translator, we are looking for translators for English/ Japanese or Spanish/ Japanese. 

If you would like to join as a Reed Boat builder, we are looking for who cut Reed(Tule) and who build tule reed boat in West Coast in California US. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

【 翻訳 】

ーConnecting wisdomー

 "EXPEDITION AMANA" aims to learn the wisdom of tule reed boat since ancient times.

If you would like to join us, please contact us. It will be a great pleasure for us.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Head of Project

Jin Ishikawa



We need 100,000 USD for the test voyage in Feb 2020.

 We, all members of EXPEDITION AMANA, would like to ask your cooperation for realization of EXPEDITION AMANA.


[ Click here to make a donation by credit card ]


 Click on the link

 The payment screen will open.



[ Donations / Volunteers ]

  Volunteer for the construction of a around 30 feet test boat which will be built in February 2020.

・ Volunteer harvesting reeds(tule)

  It is cutting tule reed. 500 bundles (8 inch in diameter)

・ Build Reed Boat

  Volunteers for building structures such as hull parts, masts, sails, rudder, and so on

Place: San Francisco Bay area in US

Term: Feb, 2020 (Term, Conditions, and details are TBD.)

  [ Volunteer for harvesting and build tule reed boat ]


  •  English ⇆ Japanese

  •  Spanish ⇆ Japanese

 [ Research on Reed Boat materials ]

 • Research on dredgers

There are still few researchers specializing in Reed Boat culture.

So we are looking for those who are interested in research together.

[ Translator ]